Universidade de Vigo
Nome do centro

The Faculty of Ocean Sciences is located in the Experimental Sciences Building of the University of Vigo campus.

The University of Vigo first began to offer an undergraduate degree in 1991. At that time, the current Experimental Sciences building had not been built and the programme was taught in what is now the Humanities Building on the University of Vigo campus.

The first graduates in Ocean Sciences from the University of Vigo date back to 1996.

Until 2002, when they acquired autonomy as individual centres, the faculties of Ocean Sciences, Biology and Chemistry formed part of the old Faculty of Sciences.

The 2012–13 academic year saw the 18th year of graduates, who completed the final programme of studies for the old degree in Ocean Sciences, in parallel

with the transition to the new degree, which also produced its first graduates during the academic year.