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Studying the oceans in depth, understanding how they operate, using resources in a more sustainable way and exploring and developing new niches of economic activity requires a holistic and integrated approach provided by the various disciplines that make up the Ocean Sciences.
Oceans play an indisputable role in regulating our climate. They are also a source of sustainable growth. So-called “blue jobs” can provide the stimulation required to develop the economy by tapping into the potential of jobs and wealth under the sea. Oceans can provide the clean energy needed to avert climate catastrophe. They can be a source of healthy proteins. They can provide pharmaceuticals and enzymes from the organisms that survive in the most extreme conditions of temperature, light and pressure. They can be a source of minerals, metals and rare earth elements.
The sea is more than just a place to swim and the home of an increasingly declining abundance of fish. We invite you to discover it and use it rationally to contribute to improving our quality of life on the planet, which is, after all, 71% blue.
Our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees reflect the research experience and enthusiasm of a multi-discipline panel of respected marine scientists. Students are encouraged to take part in a broad spectrum of research through innovative teaching programmes involving businesses and other institutions. A good example of this is the participation of the Campus do Mar faculty, which is world-renowned for its excellence.
Welcome to the Faculty of Ocean Sciences at the University of Vigo.
Prof. Belén Rubio Armesto